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5 min readApr 18, 2024
Woman smoking

The day was turning to night as early signs that evening was coming were showing. Andrew had now listened to Ariel as she accounted for everything wrong in her life and her relationship with Carlos.

Andrew had heard it all before, yet he sat quietly next to Ariel as she smoked a cigarette and rattled out the shortcomings of a man she nearly had a baby with. Soon after, Ariel circled her story for the third time, telling Andrew how Carlos would belittle her and how Carlos would become jealous of him, being that Ariel would look to Andrew for a shoulder to lean on.

Andrew liked hearing that as deep down if he was honest, he saw something in Ariel that he wanted; it was more than just sex. Although Ariel would help foster that desire in him even as she was with Carlos by dressing in ill-fitting clothes that revealed more of her body than needed and forever removing her bra for comfort or not wearing one in his presence, her breasts always moving about freely under her thin shirts.

Andrew never complained; he wondered if this was her way of seducing him into making a move on her. In one instance, as she lay on his bed as he worked on his laptop at his desk, she laid braless on her back legs spread, rattling off another situation with Carlos she was dissatisfied with. Andrew, at one point, turned to turn his printer on. Looking back at her on his bed, he could see between the gaps of her worn purple cotton gym shorts her shaved vagina.

As the evening took on the look of the night, and three cigarettes later, Andrew thought of those purple shorts. She was wearing them as she spoke. Andrew glanced down to see what she could as her legs were crossed together. There would be no show today.

Andrew suggested they go inside, flipping on the porch light, as it was now dark out. As they moved inside, Ariel reached over, grabbing Andrew’s hand and thanking him for just listening. That was Andrew’s thing, he guessed. Everyone told him how he was such a good listener. Well, not everyone, just the girls he secretly pined for who came to him because he played the guy in the friend zone perfectly.

Once inside Andrew’s apartment, the lights were still off, and only the glow from the street lights partially lit his living room. He went to click on a lamp near the sofa, sitting down first for easier access, when Ariel plopped herself across his lap, snuggling into him.

Andrew froze for a split second; he could hardly resist. It was like Ariel was offering herself up to his whim, knowing or just feeling that his love would make her feel better. Andrew felt the moment coming to him, so he began to kiss the back of Ariel’s neck, back, and shoulder, which were exposed in her loose-fitting spaghetti-strapped top.

The aura of cigarette smoke covered her body and stung with bitterness on Andrew’s lips. He was a non-smoker, yet he continued. As he did this, he could tell he was making the right move as Ariel’s body acquiesced and she began to rub his arm. With each soft kiss on Ariel’s body, Andrew made his way to kiss flush on her lips.

At first, it seemed she was against it, not moving her lips. Andrew’s lips stuck to hers as he pulled back the taste of the cigarette now full on in his mouth. He licked his lips and went to kiss her on the lips again, and this time, she reacted by kissing him back. Feeling he was now in control, he whispered to her that it was all okay. He knew the situation in a sense, reassuring her that he wasn’t going to get weird about it.

At that point, Andrew rolled her over on her back and spaced her legs apart. He could see her vagina in the gap of her loose purple gym shorts. This time, it was plump and glistening in the dim light. She was ready and probably ready from the moment they entered his apartment.

Andrew looked down at her on his knees above her sofa, her sandy blond hair sprawled out like a halo above her head. She looked at him intently, waiting for him to continue. Andrew couldn’t believe what was happening, so he took a moment to look down at her with her long legs sprawled outside of him, his manhood swelling up under his shorts.

He reached for her top, pulling it up, showing her stomach. For forever being tempted seeing her breasts frolic under her shirts when she’d come over braless, he wanted to see them exposed. She, like usual, wasn’t wearing a bra, so toying with that factor enhanced the moment.

Inch by inch, he pushed up her top, her belly button, showing he continued to just about where her breasts were, but no nipples were peeking out when the front door clicked open, and Andrew’s roommate Cameron showed up.

Both Andrew and Ariel were surprised, both in shock and mortified, to be caught in the act. Cameron froze, gathering what he had just walked in on, and began to apologize. Ariel, in a flash, pulled down her shirt, snapped her legs together like a bear trap, and, with her head down, rushed to the bathroom.

In the awkward silence, Andrew flipped on the lamp he had initially meant to before things took a sensual tangent. Cameron continued to bring in his groceries, stumbling as he was still embarrassed by his intrusion. Andrew sat on the sofa in the partially lit living room, wondering what he should say or if he needed to say anything, while in the back of his mind, realizing how close he was to taking his friend-zoned relationship with Ariel to another level.

Sitting with that, Andrew began to get frustrated, his mind telling him this is why you don’t get roommates, as his frustration fumed to a plateau. While in the bathroom, flustered, Ariel contained herself, looking at herself in the mirror, cheeks flush red and her body tingled with butterflies. Highly aroused, touching herself engorged as she had never been and wet.

She cooled herself down with a slash of water from the faucet, tossed her tussled hair back, and regained her composure. As she came out from the bathroom, Cameron was in the kitchen putting away his goods while Andrew sat, hands over his head, slumped on the sofa, looking devastated and embarrassed.

With her composure gained, Ariel went over to Andrew, grabbed a hand from his head, and leaned in for a kiss, then another, and then another. Their eyes met for a brief second during these kisses, which for Andrew seemed like an eternity. The expression in their locked eyes said it all, as Andrew felt released from the friend zone, wondering when his next attempt to have his way with her would be.

As within Ariel, Andrew had sparked a burning desire that, at some point, would need to be quenched. At that, Ariel grabbed her purse, cigarettes, and lighter and walked out the door, ignoring Cameron. She gave one last lingering lustful glance and disappeared in the darkened night.



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