Mark Johnson
3 min readApr 19, 2023
Mom kissing son.

Picked up on a whim, Brenda had no idea if she’d be using it soon, yet like always, she found herself in trouble by letting her mouth run a bit too much. She had run it when talking with her boyfriend, who was just a bit too sensitive and now he wasn’t talking to her. It wasn’t like he was not talking to her at all; he would give her one-word answers like yes, no, correct, or even thank you. He was a complete asshole about it, but Brenda knew what she had said hit a nerve as it was a topic they’d discussed before uneasily in hopes of getting over on him in an argument.

This time they were already in an argument, and Brenda, as she knew his tipping point did antagonize him to get him even more agitated and lose his thought process. That was her reason for bringing up his fear of being intimate with her. It wasn’t due to some erectile dysfunction it was all in his head having been caught by his Mom at a young age pleasing himself, and since then, the constant eyebrow beating she would put on him had caused him a complex he since had been trying to shake.

Brenda knew all of this and, in a flippant remark, infused his mother into the conversation saying his mother could get the best out of him, implying he had mother issues and rather sleep with his Mom than her. Clark recoiled at the statement, and they since had not been intimate. Brenda thought about her next step over the few weeks that lead to a month, then a month and a half, which is when she questioned her purchase. It was a Victoria Secret leopard print lingerie set she had found, and knowing Clark he loved seeing her in animal prints, he couldn’t resist.

Brenda was now contemplating pulling it out now to spark a mood and put an end to their quarrel. As she tried it on she, found it did not fit her the way it did the day she bought it. Feeling 10 to 20 pounds heavier, she began to freak out, looking at herself in her wall mirror. From the front and back, she was pouring out of the set in her love handles. Also, feeling she was showing too much under boobage for her liking.

She wondered if he’d even notice till in walked Clark, home early from a job interview. They both froze, not expecting the other to be doing what they were doing and not saying anything. Till Clark spoke up, saying, “Oh, it is like that!” a bit of energetic timber in his voice questioning Brenda as she had no idea how to answer wondering if his statement was a rhetorical question.

Clark began to undo his tie keeping his eyes on Brenda as he stepped closer to her. Looking into his eyes, Brenda saw something she hadn’t seen in him in weeks, Clark was looking at her with sexual desire. He began unbuttoning his shirt, and although Brenda had been feeling gross about her appearance in the lingerie set, the desire Clark was sparked by looking at her ignited her flames of passion. Clark walked up to Brenda and grabbed her, drawing her close and embraced her feeling her body against his melting away any inhibitions she may have held.

Clark then picked Brenda up, manhandling her and threw her on their bed and ravishingly made love to her, exorcizing all of that pent up misplaced love and aggression that had festered in their time of not talking. Brenda never knew what it was that flipped the switch in Clark that day, be it the lingerie, the added pounds, or the combo of the two she just knew never to bring up his Mom in any future sexual situation.



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