Mark Johnson
4 min readJun 17, 2021

Traffic was steady up from Santa Barbara, but as Tory looked at his watch, he saw he had made some perfect time on the trip up to the city of Chico where his girlfriend Rose was staying for a summer internship. They had been together for several months. At the same time, they were planning on this internship in the middle of their dating. Tory knew this and still perused her laboriously, knowing they’d be apart from the entire summer as he had a full-time job at a film studio in Santa Barbara. They had an incredible night out the last time they were together, which ended back at his apartment and had Rose staying overnight.

Tory turned down the street to Rose’s apartment, happy to see her as the texting and phone conversations helped only so much and never would suffice over being in person. He parked his car, not seeing Rose’s white Jetta, assuming she had yet to make it home. He then grabbed his bags and heading up to her apartment. She left a key for him under the hide, a key outside her door, and he got access.

Upon stepping inside, he saw what looked like someone ransacked the place, or she had yet to tidy up the area for his arrival. The place looked lived in; she had magazines piled up, books and papers were strewn about the situation. Tory set down his bags and took advantage of her absence, and did a little cleaning up for her and himself as well, as he was the type of guy who liked his place a certain way.

Not knowing how she was grouping things, he tried to place items so as she could find them. He continued into the kitchen and washed a few dishes that were in the sink. He then came upon a black book resembling a bible, but with no such markings on the cover sitting next to the microwave. Not knowing what it was, he took a look, wondering if in her time in Northern California Rose had picked up some form of religion.

Upon reading, he realized he had stumbled onto Rose’s diary seeing that each page came with a new date or entry date. Some of the stuff he read was rather mundane. He read an entry talking about her boss at the internship, some girl she had run into, reminding her of someone she once knew.

To his mind, this was all innocent stuff, so he flipped to the date that they had last seen each other, just wondering, by chance, if she’d have anything provocative at all to say knowing what had gone down during that visit. When he found it thinking to himself that he shouldn’t be reading it, but more to the fact that maybe what he’d learned would change his mind about her. Still, he pressed on and continued to read.

The entry documented the night, commented about the dinner and how she felt about how he looked at the waitress, which showed she was a little jealous. She wrote about the night out and how she regretted going on with the internship in some way. Then she dropped it as the rest of the entry went on about how they made out and how he performed. Tory stopped cold, knowing what may lie ahead and how it may effect how he acted with her in the future. The suspense was killing him.

What he read blew his mind as she enjoyed his tenderness in foreplay while at the same time his ability to get rough with her in the middle, but what she liked most was how he ate her ass, calling it her “Boom booty.” She went on to explain how the tongue twirls and gentle nibbling and sucking got her so wet. Tory figured this read like a dirty romance novel if he had ever read one, but she didn’t stop there as she delved into how depraved it was of him even to venture that way while he was there. A bit of accomplishment welled up in his manhood as he continued to read more about what he could have done more of leading up to the one thing she’d hope he’d do the next time they met up.

He read with intense intrigue wanting to know what she was so desperately wanting from him, when the front door of the apartment door opened, revealing his girlfriend Rose home from her internship duties. Tory flung the diary across the room, landing in the corner behind a shelf. He froze, thinking he got caught, but she was awestruck that he was there and had tidied the place up a bit. They then embraced, kissing like a couple that hadn’t seen each other in months.



Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a University of Chico graduate, a lover of the creative arts, avid photographer, with an undying entrepreneurial spirit.